School starts soon! Are you ready?!
School starts soon! Are you ready?!
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Sea La Vie Necklace Collection

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Wear a Sea La Vie Necklace as a reminder that you are wonderful!  Each necklace features a charm and comes packaged inside a beautiful box with a meaningful message.

Lobster closure. 18kt matte gold plating.

Dimensions: 16" - 18" adjustable length

Stronger/Pave Disk - "Wear this necklace and trust that no matter what life throws at you, you can catch it. You are tougher, smarter, stronger and more powerful than any obstacle in your path."

Brave/Arrows"Your mind is strong, your soul is fierce and your heart is brave. Wear this necklace, take a deep breath, set your sights and remember you've got this. There are moments in a every mermaid's life where she will swim through rough waters."

Follow Your Dreams/Feather"Sometimes all it takes to follow your dreams is a gentle push. Wear this necklace and know that I am the wind behind you, pushing you on to chase your dreams."

Relax/Water Drop"The rhythmic surf is legendary for its tranquility. Rolling out and in, let the waves quiet the chaos so you can find your inner peace. Wear this necklace and remember to just breathe."

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